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Tracking clicks on buttons#12


See how potential buyers interact on your page.

For e.g, you have 3 BUY NOW buttons from, and on your landing page. With trackable clicks, sellers will be able to see which BIN button attract most click.

Another e.g. From your GA, the stats shows high no of visitors but unfortunately low clicks on your BIN or Make Offer button. From this, sellers will be able to study further on their landing page. What is causing this? Is it because lack of description, high selling prices, lacking of installments, etc.

2 years ago

I’ve been tracking this by using my own Matomo installation ( and adding the code to the Template > Custom HTML.
It’s not elegant, but offers more than Google Analytics and you can set goals for each url clicked out such as,, etc and track it that way.
Matomo has taught me there are a lot of bot views (800x600 screen resolution, and opening multiple unrelated domains one after another).
If you want to apply this code to all domains…
Select all domains
Actions > Template
Click Custom HTML button and input the tracking script for Matomo.

  • Note this will override for all domains in the Custom HTML box, but good if you want to apply to all at once.
2 years ago

It would also be interesting to see how many potential customers will click on a particular button or link then back out… like a lost cart.

a year ago